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PS3-Controller Technology Development Co., Ltd ,with the base in HongKong, is a leading professional
manufacturer of video game accessories compatible with Wii,PS2, PS3, XBOX360, NDSL, NDSi, PSP2000,
PSP3000, and other brand products. Moreover, we are engaged in selling storage products related to game
accessories, such as PS3 Controller,Xbox 360 Controller,PS3 Move, Wii Controller, Memory Card, Card Reader
and Card Adapter.

in order to provide the most hassle-free shopping experience online,we are constantly working with our suppliers to add new products so you have plenty of options Ps3-Controller continuously introduce new products to offers them one-stop shopping when customers around the world buy game accessories.
providing you with high-quality products is our consistent commitment .we have built a very strict and comprehensive quality control system which products will go through before they are shipped .we also implement a quality mechanism to feedback quality status and drive continuous quality improvement.
we set out to provide our customers with the kind of world-class service that keeps them coming back for more,we believe that the most important key to our succes will be our sevice -oriented culture .and we spend a lot of time and effort working on ways to constantly improve our culture.overs the years, our focus on service has resulted in our fast growth,driven primarily by repeat customers and word of mouth

PS3-Controller.org has strong OEM facilities, having supplied comprehensive before-sales, while-sales and
after-sales services for worldwide customers from America, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions.

PS3-Controller.org holds the management spirit of "Faith is the first!", devoting ourselves to building up
a world brand in video game accessory field.